Do You Need Dedicated IP Address For Sub-domain for Higher Ranking?

There are different white-hat SEO techniques that can be used to improve your site’s online visibility. However, these will relatively vary depending on the kind of results you will get. Hence, combining two or three of these techniques can always prove to be quite beneficial.

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One important thing you should have in mind is that SEO keeps changing, and so are the optimization techniques. The million dollar question that most website owners ask is; should I use dedicated IP Address for sub-domain for better SEO result? Here are some few points you should know.

Domain IP for Safety and Improved SEO

Having numerous sites on the same IP can be quite dangerous and you risk being penalized by major search engines. Furthermore, in case you’re using a shared IP then this too could hurt your ranking and profits. This is especially true if one of the sites gets banned or flagged for inappropriate content, spamming, or anything related.

So here is the catch;

To counter issues to do with risking your page rank and sites visibility you can use dedicated IP address for your sub-domain. This will not help in buffering your site against any eventuality but help it rise pretty fast to the 1st pages of the search engines. It is equally important for you to note that interlinking of pages and sites based on different IP addresses helps a great deal, in regards to creating a reliable network. In fact, major search engines such as Google will give this more weight as compared to those that share the same IP address. These will also include things such as templates used on the sites, or sub-domains you are trying to link.


It has been proven that using different IP addresses for a sub-domain helps improve the speed of a website. Remember, page load and anything related are some of the most vital factors that search engines look into when ranking a site. Importantly, this has a trickle effect on the sites linking strategy.

Security issue solved

There is a good chance that you can end up linking with websites that have been marked to poses security threats. However, if you go with the option of the dedicated IP address, this issue is always taken care of.


Last but not least, this is one of the safest ways to improve your website’s SEO and avoid Google’s penalty with black-hat SEO issues.

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