Does Domain Redirect Matter?

You do not need to be a genius to know that the website is made of content and links. However, the topic of redirects has raised many questions over time regarding search engine optimization. One of the questions which we are going to answer in this post is; does it matter whether you use redirects or not? And the answer is a resounding yes.

Here is why redirects matter:

  1. It helps to link to the new website when migrating an old domain

When setting camp on the web, it is a lot like selecting a new house. And just like a house, circumstances may change that end up force you to move. When this happens, redirecting domains is the way to go. Domain redirect helps you to retain your visitors even though you moved places.

  1. Good links mean traffic and high rankings

While not all redirects are the same, when done properly hyperlinking is good for search engine optimization. Google bots view hyperlinks as votes of approval for content. The logic is, you will get little to non-existent links if your content is not worth linking to. Domain redirects prove to be exceptionally efficient for search engine optimization.

  1. They ease access to information

If for instance you have some quality content you published somewhere and are wondering how to get it seen on your site, redirecting your domain is the way to go. It also ensures that you do not lose valuable information sent to you through your old site.

Another instance would be when you inherit a site. As long as it has a good history and high ranking keywords in your niche, then redirecting domains would increase your ranking as well.

Additionally, when you have a long URL that is difficult to spell and thus difficult to remember, you link to your new domain which is shorter and more user-friendly.

Finally, with a long URL, you can use domain redirects to a shorter one that allows you to use AdWords when setting up campaigns.

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Redirects are very important, when done properly, especially for Search engine optimization purposes. But if not done properly, Google may end up penalizing you for posting similar content in multiple sites. Redirects play a crucial role in allowing web users to post similar content under various domains without the disadvantage of having them classified as plagiarized content.

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